Sprinter Vans

by Lindsay Burke ~ March 25th, 2014

The Sprinter Vans sure are gaining popularity in the limousine and the concession industries, as well as others. It is such a versatile vehicle that easily converted into party busses and food trucks. It is hard to go wrong with this van, it isn’t too small and isn’t too large, it’s just perfect. As people have become more aware of the sprinter and noticed its attributes their sales are increasing. If you are looking for your newest party bus check out the Sprinter Vans!



sprinter van

2015 Lincoln Navigator

by admin ~ January 24th, 2014

Lincoln finally unveils a new Navigator SUV. It has been long awaited and in 2015 we will see the new model. They have made some nice changes to the body and interior of the SUV that everyone will appreciate. Maybe one day they will also update the rest of the body, but for now this is a great start! What do you think about the upgrades? Let us know by commenting below.



Cadillac XTS

by admin ~ January 18th, 2014

cadillac xts limoMiguel @ LCW Automotive Corp in San Antonio, TX recently got in touch with us to make two more limo windows. This time they are for a 2014 Cadillac XTS. Both pieces are exactly the same at 15 ¾ x 55, with 3 ¼” angles and an 11/16 curvature. We are using the 5/16 laminated glass. We can’t wait to see photos of this car complete!

In Transit

by admin ~ January 10th, 2014

CBB Superior Collision Inc. is currently working on repairs to a ‘06 Hummer limousine. They needed to replace their side body panels so they called us here at All-Rite. We manufactured a 10’ Body Panel using our Hummer template B. You can see both templates on our website, and Brad was able to determine which one he needed by viewing the samples on our website. Once he picked the template he wanted we were able to manufacture the body panel in just 2 business days. This order has shipped out and is on its way to Brad in Marquette, MI!

red hummer